Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

We've had the most delightful day! The weather here in Kentucky is absolutely amazing and we are taking full advantage. We've had a busy but relaxing day running to Home Depot, eating lunch at Pizza Hut and going to Emma Kate and Macy's birthday party.

I just had to share this picture because it really captured the three of them. True to form, Little Miss Priss Pot Emma Kate, it totally cheesing it for the camera, massive bow and all. Then there is Macy, bowless and completely unimpressed with the idea of taking sassy that one! And of course Eli is off in left field somewhere totally focused and anything but sitting still! I just love those sweet girls and hope if I ever have a daughter she will be as sweet and adorable.

But little boys are plenty fun as well just take a look at the rest of our afternoon....

We came home from the party and Eli was "helping" Eric in the back yard. I went inside to grab something and came back out to find Eli covered in mud. He had found a puddle obviously perfect for any 19 month old boy to use as a basketball goal. Only when he went to "rebound" he fell in and this was the end result.

Oh my! How did he even know what a mud-puddle was? Eric and I certainly don't tromp around in them! It's a God-given, adventure seeking, little boy instinct!

So, I did what any boy momma would do. I stripped him down to his diaper fed him dinner and scrubbed extra good behind his ears before bed.

Boys will be boys and I'm telling you, I'd LOVE another one...SOME DAY!!

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