Monday, March 28, 2011


I grew up in a very musical family. I didn't say a talented...just musical. Ha! Actually my dad has a degree in music and my brother is a gifted singer. I "got by" with vocal as my talent in pageants, but that is the extent of it. What we lack in training we make up for in spirit! It's not unusual for us to bust out in song during a family drive. In fact, the first time Eric met my parents we took a two hour trip to Cincinnati and serenaded him with our family quartet version of the Gaither Vocal Band....I kid you not! We were rockin' some hymns. I sing to Eli every night, and he hums along which is just oh, so sweet. So, when we decided a few weeks ago to head to Disney World this summer I wanted to find him a sing-a-long to watch. Apparently kids these days don't appreciate music like we did. So, I had to resort to youtube. As luck would have it, I came across my first Disney Sing-A-Long video. Of course I eagerly introduced him to it. I guess he takes after his momma because he was clapping his hands right along with the music. He LOVES it so much that we watched it three times yesterday! Poor guy has to watch a youtube version of a 1990 made video. He's not upset though. He walks around saying, "I do dis. Momma, I dis." I'm pretty sure it's translated to "Momma, I want to go to Disney!!" BE STILL MY HEART! And while "It's a Small World" is getting a little old, the 30 minutes it gave me today to clean up before going to the Adkins' House for dinner was wonderful. Speaking of the Adkins', here is a look at our wonderful evening. As for the Sing-A-Long, Eric is tolerating a house full musical zest. And although he probably won't be joining the chorus, he is a good daddy and found Eli a DVD version on the internet! It'll be in his Easter Basket...shh!

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