Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had the most delightful weekend. Friday after work Eli and I headed home to spend some time soaking up this beautiful Spring weather. We played in the back yard for no less than 3hrs ya'll!

He loved playing the daddy's basketballs even though they were a little hard for him to manage ha!
He also bounced on the trampoline FOREVER!! It was actually a Christmas gift that we just now got around to using...don't worry he didn't miss it and it was like opening it all over again.

Saturday was very low key. Eli slept until 8:00 and my sweet hubby got up with him so that I could rest. What's even better is the breakfast is bed he served me...bliss!! After I got out of the bed we told Eli the news that he was going to meet Mickey Mouse this summer!!

But he was more interested in playing basketball...ha!

Saturday night the Adkins Family came over for more fun. We grilled out and talked while the boys was awesome!!

Besides church and small group Sunday was pretty low key as well! We travel a lot on the weekends, but sometimes it's nice to stick around these parts and spend time together.

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