Saturday, April 23, 2016

Date Night Fun

Last night this stud muffin and I went on a hot date.  Actually, it was a Gospel Grass concert, but it totally counts because it was kid free.  In case you're wondering, and you probably are, Gospel Grass is a genre of music combining Gospel and Bluegrass.  Ok, on second thought, maybe I didn't need to explain that after all.

Anyway, the date almost didn't happen because I wrote down the wrong date and didn't have a babysitter.  After a few panicky minutes, I texted my mother-in-law, and she agreed to come watch the kids.  SHEW!!!!

It was such a fun evening, and the little venue was so charming.  Sometimes I wish we could all go back and live in little Mayberry-like towns except with modern medicine and stuff.  

It was a fun, fun night, and I am so grateful to my in-laws for saving the day!!

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