Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm An Aunt!

Oh my gosh, ya'll...I am so excited to be writing this post because it means that I am finally and aunt.  Actually, I'm an aunt to Colby. I just wasn't there when he was born, so this is new territory for me!

We knew that the baby would probably come sometime on Sunday because Mandy was being induced, but being a first time labor, we weren't sure how long it would take.  We didn't want the kids to wait around all day or make a dry run if we had to head back before the baby came, so we waited it out with updates from my sister.  When we got the text that she was at 8cm, we hit the road and headed to Lexington. 

Here we are in the waiting room.  Even after the two hour drive, had to wait two more hours in the hospital before we finally got to see the little bundle of joy.  

The kids were thrilled to meet Austin Clay!

First ever cousin picture!  I think my parents look so proud.

Ellie was smitten.  We're going to have to watch her so that she doesn't make him her personal baby doll.  Haha!

Their first family photo.  Congratulations, White Family!!

This is our attempt at a family photo.  Shannon hadn't made it yet, so we will have to try again.  

After a brief visit, we were in a huge hurry to hit the road because it was getting late.  We grabbed a sandwich with my family at Firehouse Subs and then hit the road.  I was nervous about how Eli and Ellie would do, but we changed them into their jammies, said a little prayer, and crossed our fingers.

God blessed us because soon after hitting the road, they were out.  They stayed that way even after we carried them in.  That's TWO miracles in one day.

Welcome to the family, Austin!!!

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