Sunday, April 24, 2016

Saturday Fun

We are so glad that Eric's parents stayed this weekend because they got to enjoy the many activities of the weekend starting with a fun day at the baseball park.

Eric had to be at the ballpark early yesterday morning to take pictures of the teams before they played in the Jamboree.  Ronnie and Dixie stayed behind with me helping to warm Eli before the scrimmage game and playing with the kids.

Our little Flower Child took full advantage of the springtime dandelions and picked me and Nan a bouquet of flowers.  Such a sweet little lady!  We met Eric at the ballpark for team pictures and to get ready for the game.  Of course, my kid is the only one not looking at the camera.  

The game was a tragedy...really!  We lost by like twenty-something points.  In fact, every single ending was over thanks to the mercy rule.  We scored zero.  ZERO, ya'll!!!  I think we have a little work to do before the first regular season game.  

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