Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Proposal Story

Over on Kelly's Korner, we are talking about our proposal story. Being a hopeless romantic, I thought I would join in. In February of 2008 I was beyond ready for Eric to propose to me. We already had a date set, but we were waiting on a ring. I would ask him every single day when he was going to "pop the question." The week of Valentine's Day he told me that it would not be on February 14, and he was right! We did enjoy a very romantic night nonetheless. On Friday, February 15th 2008 I went to work as normal. I was at a different television network at the time and went about my usual duties of reporting. Upon returning to the station I was preparing my story for the 5:00 newscast when the photographer started setting up his camera. This is nothing unusual in a newsroom, so I kept working on my story. A few minutes later I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there stood Eric. He was wearing a black suit and carrying the most beautiful roses. I knew immediately what we was going to do, but for some reason I gave him an awkward hug. I think I was blown away that it was actually happening, or maybe I was self conscious of the cameras. I don't really know... But as soon as he hit his knee, the world faded and it was just me an him. I was living the moment I had dreamed about. Oh, and it made the 10:00 News!!


  1. the video isnt working girl! i want to see it!

  2. Sabrina, I know it's not working. RRH! I'm trying to reload it. By the way, thanks for the template tips!