Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

As promised, I am becoming a better blogger starting with a recap of my Memorial Day weekend!

Because neither my parents nor Eric's live here in Bowling Green, we spend EVERY SINGLE holiday traveling which means we take turns going either to Lexington to see my family or Marion to see Eric's. It's just outside of Paducah for those of you who are wondering. Anyhow, this Memorial Day it was our turn to visit Marion.

We got there on Friday night and spent some time with Eric's cousins and their kids before heading to my in-laws house for the night. One of the major perks of traveling is that we actually get to sleep because our mom's get up with Eli in the morning (he sleeps through the night but is an early riser.) On Saturday morning Eli enjoyed breakfast, playing with the dog, and a four-wheeler ride...all before Eric and I rolled out of bed.
Eric's mom is an amazing, and I do mean AMAZING cook, so in addition to sleeping in and relaxing by the pool, we always eat well while we are there. Here are some pictures from our trip to the country, or "old country" as Eric's Dad calls it:In the end it was a wonder start to the summer season and a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

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