Sunday, November 8, 2015

Weekend In Marion

We just got from the best weekend in Marion visiting with Eric's family to celebrate BOTH Colby and Grandad's birthdays.  I was a huge slacker in the picture taking department, so please excuse my lack of visualization. 

I got back into town Friday from my training just a bit before school was out, so I picked Eli up on my way home.  It gave me just enough time to unpack, repack, and get the kids ready for the weekend.  As soon as Eric made it home, we loaded up and headed out.

Saturday was kinda lazy and relaxing, which is just what we needed.  Later that evening, we went to Emily's house for dinner to celebrate the birthdays.  How beautiful is this view from her front door?

Sunday we slept in on Sunday and spent the day around the house.  For lunch Eric's dad got the best BBQ.  I mean, ya'll...seriously the best!!!

After lunch, we headed home.  Just a couple of weeks and we'll be up back for Thanksgiving.  I can't's my favorite time of the year!

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