Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Weekend

So, I've been a terrible blogger as of late! BOO!! I have been so busy living life, that I haven't documented it too well. I didn't take pictures this weekend, but I would like to recap for my sake.

Friday night we were EXHAUSTED, so we grilled steak and played with Eli. That's pretty much it. We watched "101 Ways To Leave a Game Show" and fell asleep.

Saturday morning I got up with Eli and let Eric sleep. We watched cartoons, played ball, and generally lounged around. I'm a TERRIBLE cook, but I tried my hand at iced-coffee. It was surprisingly good and we've had it every night since.

Anyway, I used my birthday money for a "Front Porch Make-Over" which I will show you later this week. Eric spent his day painting the wicker chairs. Kudos to him because it was insanely hot!

Saturday night we went to our church softball game. Funny story for those of you who know me. We were short women, and in coed sports that is apparently bad! So, I was asked to play catcher. It was the tournament game, and I had only played once early in the season, so I was nervous and terrible! Ha! I did make it on base once...thank you very much!! Anyway, Miss Kentucky was Saturday, so I was glued to my phone for results while in the dugout. Typical HBBQ (Has Been Beauty Queen) more interested in a pageant 200 miles away than the ball game at hand!

By the way, Congrats to all the winners!!

Moving on. Sunday we went to church, ate lunch and did pretty much nothing with the exception of my WONDERFUL husband who finished my "Front Porch Make-Over." I'll show you the end result later this week. Until then, have a good one!!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet post on my site. Your blog is great, and your lil one is sooo precious. Have a great rest of the week.