Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

It's sorta one of those blah days for me! I'm super exhausted from a long weekend and little rest. I'm sure you're not going to believe this, but Eli isn't sleeping well. Haha!!

To top things off, I have a major crick in my neck thanks to bringing him into our bed.

I sorta of have baby fever until 2:00 in the morning when I remember that my current baby won't sleep.

I need to go to the grocery, clean, do laundry and exercise but all of those are highly unlikely today.

I want to lay out, but it's either dangerously hot or pouring down rain. So, my Florida tan is fading...BOO!!

I miss my family like crazy.

Eli has been excessively grumpy this week which could be from our lack of routine, sleep deprivation, or cutting teeth.

I want to go home and nap but I feel guilty that Eric doesn't get to.

I guess I'll head to McDonald for ANOTHER large coffee.

On a brighter note, it's hump day. (That would be Wednesday for those of you when your heads in the gutter)

I'm getting my hair chopped off next week!!

We had a really yummy supper last night...Egg Sandwiches and fried potatoes!

On that note, I'm sort of over the being skinny thing at least for now!

The new NBC show "Up All Night" should give me royalties for using my life as a plot! ha!

Speaking of royalty, a headline for Access Hollywood tonight is, "Kate: Too Skinny To Get Pregnant?" STOP.THE. WORLD!! That has been on my mind all week...haha! Really?

Miss Kentucky is this week...good luck girls!

Ok, that it all. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my head!!


  1. egg sandwiches?? sounds yummy, what are they?

    love the rest of this post. Take the nap... Eric will be thankful for it : )

  2. Can't wait to see the hair! I've got the "chop it off" itch myself, but I'm waiting until we get a year! (For obvious, I don't want a mullet! Ha!) ;-)