Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day.

This post is going to kinda be all over the place, so good luck.  

Yesterday I celebrated my FOURTH Mother's Day.  Can someone tell me how that is even possible?  I have to tell you that I am so honored to  have a husband who goes above and beyond to show me appreciation and respect.  Maybe because this is the first Mother's Day it was "just us," or maybe because this is the first Mother's Day I'm not sleep deprived...whatever the was the best!

It started with sleeping in while Eric got up with Eli.  Then my two boys served me breakfast in bed.  After church they treated me to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Samuri, and then they let me sit on the couch and watch Lifetime movies all day!

I am so grateful to have husband who takes such amazing care of me.  In 2009 he bought me a Designing Women DVD, bath soaps (because of some pregnancy skin problems I had,) and a Prenatal Massage (for all the aches and pains.)  

In 2010 Eric surprised me with a quilted gym bag that still makes it's rounds when we visit family.  He also had Eli "sign" the card, and even traced my sweet boy's little hand.  We traveled to be with my mom, but that didn't stop him from showing me appreciation.

I can't even remember what he did last year because, to be honest, I was sunk a thousand feet into depression, but I do know it honored me and that's all that matters.

Ya'll, my heart could have exploded all day long watching this husband care for our sweet boy.  I have never felt so loved or appreciated.  I am so honored to call him my partner.  My heart breaks for the single mothers who don't get doted on as they so desperately deserve.  Please know that you are amazing!!

Finally, I feel so honored to be in this club of women who don't sleep but have been puked on, peed on and pooped on.  Women who don't wear designer clothes but know a child's arms are the most precious jewel that will ever be draped across their necks. I am honored to be a part of the women who feel overworked and under appreciated, yet will jump to do more at the sounds of a sweet child's voice.  I am honored to be a part of the wonderful club my mother and grandmothers belonged.  I am honored to be called a mother.  

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  1. You are such a good Mommy! I have always loved reading your posts. The love your have for Eli just shines through them! :)

    Thank you for the comment on my hair. I actually recently cut it off after that picture! haha. I have SO much hair it gets hott and hard to deal with. I would love to get together for lunch or something. Please feel free to email me at anytime!