Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Our Healthy Little Treat

Ya'll Eli is in this stage where he wants to make cupcakes and sing "Happy Birthday" pretty much every day of this life.  Here's the thing, I hate cooking and even if I did like it, I'd be as big as a butterball from all the extra calories.

Well lucky for my little man, this little website called pinterest (have you heard of it)  has come great ideas for healthy (er) this Funfetti Sprite cake.  

Basically you use the cake mix and 12 oz of Sprite.  Leave all the other ingredients out and...ta have a low cal, yummy dessert!  

Not only is it super easy; it's also kid friendly.  Eli can literally help with every single step without making a huge mess.  Have I mentioned how easy clean-up is?

Because there are no eggs, you get to eat the batter without worrying about Salmonella.  Seeing as my husband has already had it, this is a major perk!

As for the finished product, we topped them with low fat Whipped Cream and a few sprinkles on tops.  It's a perfect afternoon activity that ends with a yummy, some-what healthy dessert!

Now we if we could just convince him NOT to sing "Happy Birthday" every time he induldges in a cupcake! Haha!

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