Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Ya'll we have had an eventful few days around the Watson home thanks to our not so little dog. Turns out he can jump out of his six foot high kennel. Not good. My sick hubby has been forced to deal with our little escapee in the mornings.

The good news is I think it's something we can fix this weekend...we hope!! It all started when the colder air brought us indoors. Louie would run off in the afternoons, but stay close to the house in the evenings. About a month ago he figured out that night time wasn't so scary...so off he goes mainly to terrorize cats and eat chickens...rrh!

Needless to say, his new bravery forced us to buy an underground fence which he continues to jump through. That's what landed him in the kennel. Turns out this dog can't be contained. So that means we are in the process of hiring a trainer. If this doesn't work, Louie will have to find a new home, not because we don't like him but because it's not fair to keep such a large/healthy dog locked or chained up.

The good news, I think our trainer will do the trick!!

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