Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Super Sweet Day

Today is Thursday which means it's Mommy/ Son Date time. Since our books were due back at the library I took advantage and let Eli check out a few new ones. It's always so sweet to see what he picks.

After the library we went to Wendy's for a sweat treat...a frosty. I knew he wouldn't eat but maybe three bites, but I love our little conversations. He's so sweet telling me about his day, and playing ball, and Louie!
After our date, we went home to get ready for Desserts Firsts. It's a major fundraiser for Girl Scouts where area chefs use their cookies to make some sweet recipes!!
We took Eli along, and as you can see by his face, he thought it was sweet too!!
I know that I totally doped my toddler up on sweets, but we did give him real dinner when we got home. Then we watched a movie together as a family and stayed with our boy until he was asleep, and that my friends was the sweetest part of our day!!

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