Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day Dreaming

On this dreary Thursday morning I'm sitting here daydreaming of traveling this beautiful globe. I love to travel and so does Eric. Our Bucket List(s) both include visiting all 50 States, and while I have full confidence that this will happen, there are some specific trips I have in mind.

1. Washington D.C. - I have been twice before and I LOVE it. I love the energy, the charm, the history, the dining....all of it!! Problem is, Eric has never been. Can you guess where we are going on our anniversary trip this year?
2. Baseball Tour - whenever we travel, we always hit up Major League fields. It's something my boys enjoy, so I'm always happy to tag along. What better way to see the Northeast than take a train to see teams like The Nationals, The Oriels, The Pirates, The Phillies, The Mets, The Yankees, and The Red Sox?
3. New York City At Christmas Time: I don't want to just go to the Big Apple any ole' time. I want to go during Christmas. I want to stay in the Plaza, walk Central Park, see the Statue of Liberty, watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and ice skate at Rockefeller Center. Oh yeah, and catch a few shows!
4. Camp In The Southwest - We love to camp which is nice on the pocketbook. We'd like to take the kids to the Grand Canyon one day stopping at cheesy roadside attractions along the way!!

5. Camp In The Northwest: We want to enjoy more memories while exploring Yosemite National Park, seeing the Sequoia Trees, and roaming the wide open spaces of the North East.
6. Alaskan Cruise: So far everything we've talked about has been family friendly, but it's important to take time for romantic get-a-ways too. Every five years we plan on doing something BIG for just the two of us. One of those adventures will hopefully be an Alaskan Cruise!!
7. Hawaii: Needless to say, the Hawaiian Islands are also on our "No Kids Trip" list!
8. Europe: Finally, we'd like to take time during our retirement to see Europe and all it's glory!!

Maybe one day I'll post my traveling wish list in it's entirety. For now, I'll keep dreaming about being a jet setter, saving money for our travels, and making precious memories with my boys!!

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  1. I love your travel list. All of those are on my list as well, with only one addition. Australia.