Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had another great weekend with Eric's parents. They actually came to Bowling Green for a little visit which was nice!

Friday night we stayed around the house, but Saturday was a little more busy. I got up to go for my long run only to discover that the van battery was about dead. It was actually a big relief because I was afraid it was the starter which would have been more expensive!!

Anyway, by the time I got it replaced I only had a few extra minutes for the gym. Nonetheless, I DOUBLED my run time...sweet!

After a quick shower it was off to the WKU game.
Eli was in Heaven because Colby and basketball were happening at the same time...ha!!
Love the cheesy grin!
After the game we grabbed a quick lunch at Buckhead and went shopping. I was able to pick up a new running shirt for only $4...score!!
We ended up grabbing Chick-fil-A on the way home, and spent the rest of the night just hanging out.
Sunday morning we all got up and went to church. Afterwards we had another nice lunch in Glasgow followed by more shopping!
After Eric's family left on Sunday afternoon, Owen came over to play with Eli and bring the rail they found for our Big Boy Bed. Between getting so much attention from the grandparents, playing with his best friend, and the storms moving through, Eli was a little wired...needless to say, sleep was difficult!!

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