Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend Recap

Ya'll we have had the most wonderful weekend.  Friday was a doozie, so I was more than ready to veg out when I got home.  Eric made us some mazing burgers for dinner then we settled in for Family Movie Night and introduced the kids to the wonderful 90's cartoon…Rugrats. They loved it.

This picture is of me and Eli snuggling during the movie, which is an extremely rare occurrence.  I know it's embarrassingly horrible of me, but I love the pure joy on Eli's face.  This kid keeps me on my toes!

Saturday morning was Eli's ballgame and then we headed straight to WKU.  After the game, the kids got to shoot on the court and Eli was thrilled.   I had no idea that they did this, but I guess we leave so quickly after the evening games to get everyone home and in bed, that we never noticed it.  It was a hit!

The Adkins family came to the game too, and it was so good getting to see them!  The boys were thrilled to be reunited, and can we talk about how insanely fast time flies.  The top picture was in 2011 and the other one was yesterday.  Below, they are posing in from of the same basketball.  I love that we have been friends for so long!

Back at home, Eli spent the rest of the afternoon playing even more basketball outside.  I think we all have a little spring fever!  We have this little routine down where Eli and I play half a game (usually to 20) then Ellie comes on the "court" to do a little cheerleader dance.  After she's done, we finish our game.  It's a win-win because everyone gets some attention and I burn about 200 extra calories…yes, I wear my heart rate monitor. 

Speaking of Ellie, she is such a little prissy pot.  Since Eli and I had been playing for long, I promised to do her nails.  Every time she sits so still and let's me paint her fingers and toes.  Heaven help us when they chip even the slightest bit.  She is such a hot mess. Just look at the cowboy boots, crown, and pant-less diva!

After our outdoor fun and spa session, we ate a delicious supper of salmon and rice and then watched more Rugrats!  This morning was church, and then we actually went out to eat, inside a real restaurant, with the kids…we're brave like that.  Ha!

Back at home Eli spent all day playing MORE basketball.  He went out about 1:30 and I had to make him come in for the night at 6:30.  While I did partake in ONE short game, I spent part of my afternoon being lazy and the other part catching up on laundry and grocery shopping.

Eric spent his weekend relishing in the victory of his awesome Ebay deals.  Can you even believe that he bought that grill for $12?  WHOOT!!  He also installed a roof over the dog pin ($40), put together my new easel ($1) and pieced together Ellie's My Little Pony house ($6).  Other previous purchases have been Ellie's princess bed ($70) and our Ping Pong table for $1.  This man is the best deal finder!

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