Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Funny Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

This morning the kids were thrilled to find a box of chocolates and a toy for each of them.  Eric is so good to us!  As you can see, some of us were more festively dressed than others.  Bless Ellie's little heart, she loves crowns and chocolate.

After our morning gift exchange, we left for church around 10:00.  This is important because when we got home at 1:30, there was five inches of snow on the ground!  It was crazy.

We tried to get a sibling picture, but it wasn't working to well for us. 

Anyway, after the service we had a Valentine's luncheon to raise money for the youth's summer camp.  It was originally supposed to be a dinner, but the snow changed all of that.  Nonetheless, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Back at home, we snuggled in and were happily lazy as we watched the snow fall.  I even took a nap before getting dinner ready for the kiddos. 

They had spaghetti and Eric made us steak.  It was all perfected by candlelight and drinking kool-aid from champagne flutes.  Ha!

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