Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Never A Dull Moment

I know this won't shock you, but I have another Eli story.  Just as I was leaving an afternoon meeting, my phone rang.  Assuming it was a call I was expecting, I let it ring in my pocket while I tied up loose ends.

When I got to the car about two minutes later, I was surprised to see that it was from Eli's school.  That's never a good thing...ever!  I didn't know if he was in trouble or injured.  Turns out that it was the latter of the two.

Apparently, he fell during the Valentine's Day Party and knocked his front two teeth loose.  The school staff advised me to take him to the dentist to make sure that there was no long term damage. 

I left work, drove all the way across town to pick him up then drove back to my original side of town to take him to the dentist who kindly fit us in for an unexpected appointment.  

It took all of thirty seconds for the dentist to determine that Eli was fine.  His mouth his sore, but he is soon-to-be a littler richer.  That is if the tooth fairies can refrain from gagging every time they try to help pull it.  YUCK...teeth are not my thing! 

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