Wednesday, January 23, 2013

33 Weeks And A Few Things

How Far Along:  32 Weeks

Size of baby: Ellie is the size of a Durian fruit...whatever that is?

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm still about 6 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight which means that I've stalled again.  Oh well, I'm not going to worry about it.

Maternity Clothes: It's been beyond freezing here, so I've been sporting lots of maternity pants which I loath.  Oh well, a warm up is on the horizon.  

Gender: It's a girl...Elizabeth Victoria Watson!!!

Movement: She's a great kicker...I'm talking make you pee in your pants kinda kicker!

Sleep: I almost laughed out loud on this one.  Read the randomness below for more information. 

What I miss: HMM, let's see...Diet Coke!!

Cravings: Nothing really.  I'm still really into fish, which I've never liked before.  Eric is loving this change, so we're planning on shrimp scampi this weekend...yum!!

Symptoms: I'm pretty irrational these days.  I don't remember being this way with Eli, but then again I didn't work full time, own a house, or have a toddler at home.  Maybe it's the combination of everything.  

Ok, now that you've read all about this 33 week in pregnancy, I have a few things racing through mt head.

1. I have yet to blog about my mom's birthday, our weekend trip home,  or my baby shower at church.  Please, stay tuned!

2. Eli has taken a DRASTIC turn for the worse in the sleeping department.  I'll probably write a full post on this sooner or later, but let's just say it's been after 11:00 before he finally drifts off.  This is following threats, talks, spankings, and a few outbursts (from Mommy and Eli both.)  I have ever mentioned how much I hate bedtime, and what happened to this sweet baby who slept all the time?

3. Speaking of outbursts, our woman's group at church is starting a new series tonight.  It's Lysa Terkeurst's "Unglued." 

4. I'm really excited about this because I may or may not have come "unglued" at work several times today.

5. While we're on the subject, I have been keeping a secret from you most of this pregnancy.  The truth is - my normal, even tempered, easy-going nature has been replaced by crazy prego Mego.  Really.  I am ill with Eric. I am annoyed by every little  thing at work, and I can be short with Eli. I've even been known to drop a few curse words in the worst if theses moments.  Who is this person?  I do not know, but I do not like her.  

Pregnant or not, I am ready for the Lord to deal with my "unglued" moments.  I am so excited to start this series tonight, and I pray that the Lord will hit me upside the head with some good, old fashion, Bible-thumping!  

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