Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

We were predicted to get some ice this morning, I just somehow missed the memo that it would start before dawn.  So,  I was less than amused when I went to start my car and nearly busted my hind end on the side walk.  I ended up walking through the grass just to get some traction.  

Assuming the roads would be as bad as my driveway, I  skipped my shower to hit the road.  Skipping a shower is a sure fire way to put me in a rotten mood!  Luckily, I can navigate my way through snow and ice.  Not so lucky, my balance....being 8 months pregnant and trying to skate (I mean walk) across the parking lot is NOT fun.  Needless to say, I was the than kind to my coworkers this morning.

Eric and I decided that driving the back roads to daycare was too risky, so Eli could spend the day with me.  I didn't get much work done, but I sure did enjoy his company.  I think he really loved seeing himself in all the studio monitors and in front of the green screen!

After about two hours Eli was getting restless, but I still had work to do.  Being the genious I am, I decided to take him to Chick-fil-A where he could play while I used their WIFI to work from my phone.  Two hours, two sweet teas, and twelve chicken nuggets later we were headed to the grocery store.

I don't normally like to bring Eli along because he asks for EVERYTHING he sees, but I had no choice.  Lucky for me, sitting in the back of the buggy with all the food seemed to keep him happy!  Ha!

We then went home where we put away the groceries, picked up the house, and waited for Eric to get home from work.  I thought we would stay in tonight, but Eric needed to run to Sam's Club.  So, we fixed a nutrious dinner of fried egg sandwiches before running some errands.

We're back home warm and resting, and hoping Little Man settles down easily since we have such a big day in store tomorrow getting ready for our little bundle of joy!!

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