Monday, January 28, 2013

Ready Or Not

Ready or not, here comes the week...a BIG one!  As ya'll know, five weeks (that's 35 days, but who's counting) from today we will be holding our precious daughter in our arms.  I can hardly believe it!!  We are so excited, and so unprepared!

As you read yesterday, we spent the entire weekend working and barely put a dent in our "to do" list.  However, it set the pace for what looks to be a week of great has to be!  My parents are coming into town on Friday to help us paint Ellie's nursery and finish up a few projects. 

The problem is, the nursery is currently a playroom...a playroom that has yet to be cleaned out.  To say that my head is spinning would be the understatement of the century.  We have toys coming out the wazoo, and no where to put them for right now. Not to mention a slew of random baby items have recently taken up residency as well. AHH!!

So, with the realization of what has to be done and time frame in which it must be completed, I sat down and got organized.  First, I made a list of every last thing that needs to be done before Ellie arrives.  Next I made an action plan assigning each day a chore (or two. or ten) to complete.  This week looks to be INSANE!!

Not only do I need to clean out two closets and a playroom, make a few runs to Goodwill, and have the baby bedding dry cleaned.  I also have to work, pick up a new phone, go to the doctor, take Eli to the library, do tons of laundry and run a household. CRAZY!!

The good news is that the biggest chunk of work will be behind us come this weekend, which means I can slow down little for the rest of the pregnancy.  So--- if I'm an absent blogger this week, if I don't return your phone calls, if I forget to check Facebook---just know that  I still love you. Social media may be taking a backseat this week, but you, my friend, have not!

In the meantime, please say a prayer that Third Trimester exhaustion will hold off for at least another week,  that I will be productive and efficient with my time, and that I don't get a bad case of the crazies.  Haha!

Ready Or comes the week!

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  1. I love that quote...I do that all the time!
    Good luck with the last month. So much fun during this time of anticipation