Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

We went to Lexington this weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday.  We're trying to fit in as many visits as possible before we have Ellie.  It's hard enough to travel with just one. 

Anyway, we left on Friday night and made it into town fairly late.  The three hour drive and time change is a killer on us, so we relaxed. 

Of course Eli didn't sleep all that well which should come as no surprise since this is a tradition when we travel.  The good news is that my parents let Eric and I snooze late while they got up with him.

There is a new doughnut shop in town, and it's seriously better than Krispy Kreme.  That's actually what we had for breakfast, and I am so thankful to be pregnant an able to enjoy a few extra treats.  Ha!

Saturday night we went to dinner with my whole family at Columbia's Steak House.  If you're ever in Lexington, you must try it.  AMAZING!!!  Their yearly "Night Hawk Special" always falls on my mom's birthday, so it's predictable that we will eat there. 

We didn't go to church this morning since Eli was a stinker last night, but we did meet my grandmother for lunch.  Her friend is hand-smocking Ellie a dress to wear from the hospital.  It's not done year, but here is a sneak peak.  I am so excited!!!

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