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Happy FIFTH Birthday

Sweet Boy,

Today you turn five.  In all honesty, I thought I would be a little more nostalgic about the whole thing, but oddly I’m not.  Perhaps you starting Kindergarten and the accompanying emotions were enough of a precursor to keep this little letter from being overly sappy.  Now I’m picturing your 18 year-old self rolling your eyes with a sign of relief that I’m finally getting over these birthday emotions.  Another thought just occurred to me.  Your 18 year old self might not even read these letters, but some day you will, so I write.

Today you turn five and one word keeps coming to the forefront of my mind…proud.  Eli, I am so very proud of the young man you are becoming.  You are mature.  Well, at least as mature as a five year old can possibly be.  You love listening, reading, and learning.  You are quick to catch on to things, and despite your size (since I won’t show you this until your 18, you are very small.  Oh, but don’t fret, I’m certain  you’ll grow, and probably too quickly for Momma’s heart.)  What was I saying?  Oh yes, despite your size, you really are ready for school.

You are also perpetually worried that your hair will stop being blonde. Part of this is because someone told you too much Sprite would turn your hair gray.  The other reason is that your daddy was once a cotton top, but kindergarten changed all of that. Your obcession is comical actually.  You will not hear of it getting darker, but hey, no matter what you’ll always be my little “Blondie.”

You are becoming more and more independent. Even though I still pick out your clothes because it’s just socially unacceptable to wear a Louisville Cardinal shirt 7-days a week., you still dress yourself. You brush your own teeth, pick up your own toys, and go to bed all by yourself.  You even wanted to walk in to school alone on the second day.  I didn’t let you, but on the third day you said, “Mom, I’ve got this.”  And you were right.

You have a big heart.  You can’t stand for a child to be alone, so you always seek out and make new friends feel welcome.  For the most part you are very kind to your sister and take great effort in making sure she is included in your activities.  You also share quite well and are aware when someone has been left out of getting a toy or a treat.  And, I can’t forget to mention that you are becoming quite the southern gentleman.  You are eager to hold doors open for your Momma, and you always attempt to push the buggy at the store.  Although, the latter needs a bit of work.

I see the Lord working in you heart daily.  You memorize scripture, lead prayer, ask deep questions, and love innocently.  I can not wait for the day when you become not only my son but also my brother in Christ.  I pray for that above all else.

Eli, you are beautiful child with a contagious spirit and I feel truly blessed to be your mother.  Thank you for teaching to serve, to live freely and to love purely.  I pray that we will continue to learn and grow together through this journey and that this next year will be filled with precious memories and countless blessing.

Happy Fifth Birthday, Little Blondie!


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