Saturday, August 23, 2014

Our Saturday

Temperatures this summer have been really cool for this region of the country, but goodness August came to town and brought hot, HUMID conditions…just in time for some very special birthday parties!

This morning I cleaned the house and did a few chores before me and the kids headed to Kendal's birthday party while Eric played golf with a buddy from college who's about to become a first time dad!

Kendal's mom blew the party out of the water…no pun intended since it was a pool party. Ha!  Anyway, she served food out of (CLEAN) sand buckets, had sand art for the kids, a pinta and a ballon toss.  It was perfect!

As you can see, Ellie was a fan of the cupcakes.  Ha!  She is such a little foodie. 

Eric still wasn't done golfing when the party was over, so me and the kids headed home to play and work on the house.  I went ahead and gave them their baths so that we could have some family time when Eric got home. 

He picked up a pizza on his way back. Then we ate and had movie night.  The kids didn't make it through a whole flick before drifting off.  I think the heat and the sun did them in. 

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