Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Story Time With Eli

It started out like a normal trip to the supermarket, only I thought I would let Eli walk into the store like a big boy. As I make my way to the endless assortment of buggies (carts if you're a yankee) Eli spots it across the room...the produce stand!

His mistakes the round, orange fruit for a basketball and starts yelling, "Mamma, ook...ball." (This translated to "Mommy, look a ball.") Needless to say his walk turns from a trot into a full blown jog at which point I begin running across the store toward the make-shift orange grove. Luckily I grab him before he makes his move.

No longer interested in sitting in the child portion of the buggy, he lunges himself toward the back, I quickly oblige to avoid a meltdown, but by the end of the bread isle I regretted our decision. Let's just say the birds wouldn't eat it after Eli was done with it!

Anyway, after greeting every stranger between the front door and the check out counter, we finally made it up to pay. Only mommy goofed and forgot her wallet in the car. The teenage clerk could not possibly have understood my situation, nonetheless he was very patient and let me run out to get it.

By this point I'm a little frustrated so you can imagine my reaction to finding Eli minus one shoe...really? I rummage around in the van looking for me wallet and remember that I stuck it in the diaper bag, which had been with me all along.

So, back into the grocery store I stroll wondering how I am going to explain to the teenage clerk that I did indeed find my wallet, that was never in my car but rather on my shoulder the whole time. And although I now had means to pay, it would have to wait because I was on a mission to find a missing Nike shoe that had somehow fallen off my son.

Fallen off is a little misleading. Actually he took it off sometime between throwing the oranges and smashing my bread. Not only that, but he had most likely thrown it... although where I had no clue... so could a manager please help me look?

As I am about to explain all of this to a teenage boy aheavenly voice says, "Excuse me ma'am. Are you missing a shoe?"

Let's just sing the Hallelujah Chorus!! I was free!! So with wallet, missing shoe, smashed bread, round, orange ball, and hyper 18 month old in tow..I bailed!!

Is it crazy that I've never been back?

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