Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clown Cone

Well, I thought you might want to know that our marriage survived the Clown Cone. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this blissful combination of sugar, fat and high fructose corn syrup, it is a Baskin Robins classic. One scoop of ice cream (any flavor) sits atop a perfectly round chocolate cookie. Above the ice cream lies an upside down cone decorated in frozen icing to resemble a clown's hat. The ice cream itself has two candied eyes, a cherry nose and a mouth made of icing. It's ingenious really how a few simple ingredients combined with an array of circus friendly colors can attract someone from across down again and again. I mean, you almost feel bad eating this candy clown...almost! In reality however, it is a perfectly delightful treat for any sweet-toothed child, or as in my case, a large and in charge momma!

Before I progress with my story of martial strength in conquering this seemingly innocent dessert, let me set up the scenario. Our hot date night was anything but sizzling thanks a sinus infection! So, we crashed at about 9:30 with resolve to make today more romantic.

This morning I gave a studio tour to a Girl Scout Troop and met some old friends for lunch. After juggling a fussy baby through meal... AND carrying two coats, a diaper bag, a cell phone, a small child and some keys to the car, ...AND fighting the now awakened toddler into the car seat, I forgot to get my beloved something to eat on my way home...Marital Mishap #1. Luckily my husband is a very forgiving man.

Fast forward a few hours and we are exhausted from a WKU game...GO TOPS...three restaurant stops before eating, and a screaming baby. We decided to get dessert to ease the pain of this not so hot Valentine's Weekend...Marital Mistake #2.

Eric so kindly comes out with none other than a CLOWN CONE!! I dive right into the mouth-watering dish at which point the cone breaks in a half. Not deterred I set my Sprite on the dashboard of the car so I can clean up the mess. Well, naturally I resume eating my childhood treat, only I forgot about the Sprite...Maritial Mishap #3!!! You can imagine the mess as Eric put the car in reverse while ice cream and Sprite went flying everywhere.

I have to run into the nearest restaurant to get napkins only to throw the soiled ones into a sack with Eli's extra nuggets! Oh my! What a sad day...the clown cone lost its life tragically, not by being eaten by child (or a large and in charge momma) but rather, it lost its life in car accident. Also victims were an innocent cup of Sprite and a chicken nugget!!

The good news is our marriage survived the Clown Cone!!

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  1. this made me laugh- alot! ha! glad we arent the only ones who never get the perfect romantic night right! : )