Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we went to Marion to see Eric's parents. With both our families living away it's hard to do a lot of visiting, so we decided to alternate months for traveling. January we went to see my parents, so February we went to see Eric's.

So , Friday after work we loaded up the van and set out for Western Kentucky. Eli was entertained by our DVD favorites and a few suckers. We decided to eat with Eric's family, so we had to stop halfway there to load up on few treats to hold us over...Eli picked popcorn.

Saturday morning we slept in which was much needed! While Eric, his dad and Colby played golf, we ladies (plus Eli) went shopping for shoes. After we got home Eli was excited play with Colby.

Western Kentucky has some amazing BBQ! So, that's what we picked up for dinner. Eli doesn't have the best table manners, so to avoid a total meltdown we let him sit at the table like a big boy. It was so cute watching him eat and interact..he was so proud!

We slept in again on Sunday morning; I should add that sleeping in is 8:00..ha! Anyhew, we spent pretty much the rest of the day outside. Eli loved riding the four-wheeler between us and ended up falling asleep...so sweet!

He also loved walking the creek bank and throwing rocks in to make a splash. Spending time on the farm together was really special for Eric because he was able to do things with Eli that his dad had done with him.

After another delicious lunch, we showered and packed up to head home. We had a church dinner and needed to be back, so Eric's mom helped me make some bread...AMAZING!! Here is the Watson clan right before we left!

It was so much fun being able to relax and enjoy time with the family. Even the ride home wasn't too shabby.

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  1. How cute that he fell asleep on the four wheeler! Trips to see family are always nice!