Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trick or Treating: Round One

The weather here has been gorgeous, but that's all supposed to change tomorrow with some rain and colder temperatures coming in.  It has been World War 3 in our community about when to Trick or Treat, which just cracks me up.  You can chalk it up to yet another issue I don't give a hoot about.

Anyway, some friends invited us to go with them tonight since a neighborhood in our community was celebrating early.  We weren't sure that we could make it happen, but it all worked out.  I'm glad we made the call because if it rains tomorrow, I'll have to hear about it for another whole year!

Eric took the kids costume shopping this year, and I think it should become a tradition. He went ALONE...with TWO kids...in a store...and let then pick from HUNDREDS of options.  He also downloaded a digital coupon and bought Ellie a wig, so he gets major husband props! Ellie was someone from Monster High, but I have no clue who. Eli was a killer clown and proud of it! What happened to my little Elmo?

The best part of the night was when a little girl turned around from digging in the candy to see these three looking right at her.  She game UNGLUED! Even though they were innocently standing at the right place at the right time, their chests swelled pride thinking they had successfully spooked someone.  

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