Thursday, March 7, 2013

Family Of Four

Well, our first night home was a success.  Ellie seems to be a wonderful sleeper.  She eats every three to four hours, and sleeps nicely between feedings.  I actually slept on the couch last night and left her in the swing.  I NEVER would have done that with Eli.  I guess this time around I'm all about being practical.  

Since Eric napped yesterday afternoon, he let me go to bed early while he stayed up with the kiddos. Of course Eli wouldn't hear of sleeping without me, so I woke up around 10:00 to put him down.  I ended up falling asleep in his room until around mid-night, then I got up to do the feedings.

When Eric woke up this morning he fixed us a big breakfast, and then let me go back to sleep.  I ended up napping until a little after noon.  I was just getting up when a friend from church surprised us with lunch!

Now I'm sitting here with these two precious babies soaking in the beginning of our life as a family of four.  We are abundantly blessed!

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