Monday, March 18, 2013

Easing Back In

It's funny how with your second baby life just keeps on going as normal.  Really, I think it about 6 weeks before Eric and I were comfortable enough to get out of the house with Eli.  We've had Ellie out and about since she was about six days old. Ha!

Even though we're braver than when Eli was born, we've still been easing back into the grind of things.  I had Eric home the whole first week along with Eli to help keep me company.  My dad was here part of last week, and when he left he took Eli for a few days.  

All of that to say that this is the first day I've had both kiddos.  Eli did go to daycare which meant Ellie and I were able to sleep until 8:30, watch a lifetime movie, visit with friends from church, and take our time picking up the house before we went to get Eli.

Once we picked up Little Man, I thought it would be fun to do one of our "normal" activities.  Typically we hit up McDonald's on Thursdays for a sweet tea and to play on their touch screen computers.  Now, we cheated on the day, but it was still fun to get back into the swing of things.

When we made it home, I managed to do a few more chores and play with the kids before we were blessed with another wonderful meal from our church!  Ya'll, we are so blessed!

Now that dinner is over, the boys are playing ball.  I'm about it clean the kitchen and try to ease into our new normal which includes baths for both kids, a new bedtime for Eli, and getting Ellie down.

I'm sure it will take a few nights to get the kinks worked out which is why we are starting four weeks before I head back to work.  And in case there are some growing pains, I have this picture to help me smile!!

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