Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hospital Day Two

After such a long day, I knew I would need a lot of rest following Ellie's birth.  Since I can't breastfeed (following my breast reduction) I asked that the nurses keep her in the nursery all night so that I could sleep.  I ended up resting well and pretty much slept until my doctor game in to check me.

He gave me the "all clear" to take a shower which is always the best part!  I went ahead and called the nursery before I jumped in because I knew that it would take them a while to get her down to me.  As was just finishing the shower when our pediatrician came in to talk to us about Ellie's kidneys.

We already knew that she was retaining fluid and that she would be sent for an ultrasound.  Beyond that we weren't too sure what we up up against.  After he left, we had a few minutes alone with Ellie before the hospital photographer came to do the pictures.  They were super cute, but a little on the expensive side.  We decided not to get them.

After the pictures, Eric went to grab us some lunch and while he was gone a friend from church and a coworker stopped my to meet our newest addition.  Eric ended up surprising me with carry out from Taste Of Europe which is one of our favorite restaurants here in town.

After lunch we decided to send Ellie back to the nursery so that we could rest up before company started arriving.  We slept for a good 30 minutes before our preacher's wife arrived for a visit.  Shortly after she left, my in-laws brought Eli back.

He was a little rough with her, and when we told him to be gentle it broke his precious little heart!  I tried to give him a lot of attention while everyone was still there because I didn't want him to feel left out. 

I think the most precious part of the whole experience was the hour or so we had alone in the room with the kiddos.  It was our very first time together as a family of four.  Eli really warmed up to Ellie and held her, kissed her, and looked her over from head to toe.

His buddy Owen ended up coming back and bringing some snacks.  The two of them played while Eric visited with a co-worker.  Then it was time for everyone to leave for the night, including by boys. 

After the long day, I was ready to relax.  I got ready for bed then snuggled in to hold my sweet girl while watching tv.  It was our first moments alone, and they were so very precious.

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