Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Let The Hallelujah's Roll

Well, ya'll.  Today was a blessed day for the Watson's. For starters, it was Ellie's due date. We also received great news about her health.  Her right kidney is perfect! This means that things have improved in the last eight days.  Her left kidney is also healthy with only a small amount of fluid present.

Under normal circumstance this amount of fluid would warrant a dismissal from specialized care and only minor monitoring from our regular pediatrician.  However, because of my health history there is reason to believe that I passed on a genetic problem to Ellie.  The good news is that even if she does have this condition, hers is so minor that no surgery would be required!!

That being said, we go back to Vanderbilt for more testing in two weeks.  If the fluid levels in her kidneys and bladder remain the same or improve, we will simply monitor her health as mentioned above.  Otherwise, it will be treated as the mild condition that it is.  PRAISE THE LORD!!  Thank you for your prayers!

While we are talking about praise reports, I want to let you know that I have shown NO SIGNS of post postpartum depression!!  I am so in love with these babies and truly enjoying my time with them...even the stressful moments!

Also, I mentioned this briefly yesterday but I'll say it again...ELLIE IS THE BEST BABY!!  She sleeps so, so well, rarely cries for fusses, and fits right into our crazy lifestyle!  We know so many of you have prayed for us to have a good sleeper.  Thank you, and please keep them coming!!

 I was blessed to introduce Ellie to a friend of mine from college.  I didn't get any pictures, but she works at Vandy and met us quickly to say hello to our girl!  I'm so grateful for such wonderful friends.

I'm also praising God for such a wonderful church family who continue to shower us with love, generosity, wonderful meals, and lots of support and prayers!

Oh yeah, I'm praising the Lord for our families who have been wonderful about helping with Eli.  I'm missing this cutie while he is visiting in Lexington!

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