Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weight Watcher - Week Six

Starting Weight: 1*3

Current Weight: 1*9

Pounds Lost This Week: 1 lb

Total Lost: 5lbs

Best Moment: Seeing the scale go down!

Worst Moment: Learning that my beloved Baja Fish Taco is 9 points...AFTER I ate two!!

What I Miss: Not too much this week. I am learning not to make drastic changes all at once because it leads to binging and overeating. Instead, I allow myself an occasional treat!

Overview: This week has been really busy with a lot of "life." While Eric was out of town, I went to see Mom and Dad. Everything is just a little off, including my gym routnine. The good news is that I have been very dilligent about making better healthy eating decisions. It truly is a process that takes time and dedication. Quick fixes and crash diets bring temporary results. My goal is to change my habits for a lifetime.

1 comment:

  1. You can do it! I think the key is the small "do-able" changes. Changes that you can live with forever. You know? I am not going to live forever without chocolate! But I can live with dipping my salad in the dressing instead of pouring it over the salad... just an example. Good job girl!