Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stupid Virus

Remember yesterday when I told you that Eli was running a temperature?  Well, turns out he has some kind of virus.  After the show, I met Eric to pick up the kids, and we went straight to the doctor.  I was sure that it was a sinus infection.  I guess it's a good think that I'm not a doctor because I would have been wrong!

Here's a funny story about the appointment.  They decided to make sure that Eli didn't have strep, so they swabbed his throat.  That's about the time Eli jumped off the table and announced, " Mom, I am NOT getting up there again." Haha!  My boy has figured out how they roll! Lucky for him, the nurse felt bad about his gagging fit and treated him to a Popsicle.

After the appointment, I came home to take care of my sick boy.  I knew he felt bad when he wanted to take a nap.  Ha! Anyway, the eventful day continued when Ellie had a MAJOR blowout.  I'm talking she pooped through the diaper, through the sleeper, through my dress and onto the floor.  Yeah, there's a huge stain on the carpet now.

Despite the insanity of it all, I wouldn't change a thing.  Goodness, I love these babies!

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