Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Musings

It's Monday again, and the time change along with no being up five times last night has by brain a little fried. I only have three things I want to document, so let's keep this simple today, okay?

1. Our weekend was uneventful.  We had family movie night on Friday.  Eli picked Captain America...imagine that. Ha!  Saturday we pretty much hung around the house.  We decided to take a last minute trip to Target to check out post Halloween costumes, but they were out.  We ended up running through Chick-fil-A drive thru and eating a late dinner at home.  

2. We had to skip church yesterday because Ellie Girl was sick. Bless her little heart, she had the worst weekend of her life.  Friday she woke up snotty, but we sent her on to daycare since it was clear and we assumed she was cutting teeth.  

When I got Friday afternoon I was holding her while taking out the trash.  I rolled my ankle on the sidewalk and she went crashing to the ground.  By the grace of God she landed in the grass, but it was horrible.  After a tearful call to the doctor (both Mommy and baby were crying) we decided that she was probably fine.

She was.  However, her snot turned green Saturday night which is why we stayed home from church.  It was really random because it was clear again by Sunday morning and she never ran a fever.  Still no teeth. 

3. Ellie is EIGHT MONTHS old today.  How did that happen?

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