Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day

Before I get started with the point of this blog, I guess I should explain the delay in posts. Since last writing some things in my life have changed, particularly my work situation. Because childcare is quite expensive, I have relocated my office to home. I still work for Chick-fil-A and am blessed to have the flexibility I do, thus I now have a home office. And while it is quite a blessing to be home with my Little Man it means less social (networking) time and more work time during naps and between feedings. Right now my supper is cooking, my baby sleeping, my husband relaxing and that gives me about ten minutes to get this written. So here we go...

I think it's safe to say that we all grew up looking forward to Snow Days, watching the scrolls across the bottom of the television screen and just hoping our school would show up. Despite the extent of my dislike for cold weather, I still look forward to snow days even as an adult.

Having a husband with a degree in weather, I had known about the possible storm for several days before news stations started reporting it. So, we stocked up in advance. We bought water, formula, gas, bread, milk, baby food, extra groceries and any other essentials we could think of. When the snow finally started falling on Friday night we were ecstatic. We watched movies and walked from the front door to the back door seeing what the ground looked like. Now, I realize this may seem silly, but I bet if truth be known, you did the same thing!

So what did we do on our snow day? We played! First we built a tent for Eli. He won't ever remember it, but we will. Besides, that's what you're supposed to do on a snow day, right?

Next, we were responsible parents and put ELi down for his morning nap (you have to stick to schedule) before we suited up and headed outside. Don't worry, we took the baby monitor with us. We were a little late on the sled craze, so we had to improvise. First, we tried the air mattress. However, being as our yard is completely flat that didn't work.

Then we tried a Fed Ex box. Another dud. That was okay though because by that time ELi was awake and we had to head inside. The rest of the day we stayed on the couch watching TV, playing with our boy and ignoring the piles of laundry on the floor.

I missed having my mom dry the wet, snow-covered clothes for me, and it was odd being the one responsible making the traditional hot chocolate. However, seeing the winter wonderland through the eyes of a child made for a simply enchanting Snow Day.

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