Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Vacation

I took a little blogging break while I was on vacation last week, so now I'm in catch-up mode. Here is a look at our trip:

Friday: Eric took a half day off of work and we picked up the rental car, packed it full and headed to Macon, GA. It was a LONG car trip thanks to the many construction projects in Georgia and Tennessee. Five episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba and two detours later we FINALLY made to to the hotel. What should have been a five hour drive took nine.

Saturday: We slept in. I couldn't believe it! Eli who normally wakes at six stayed asleep until 8:30. He and I hit the continental breakfast bar so that Eric could sleep a little longer. We made it to Valdosta, GA around lunchtime where we ate amazing local BBQ (no chains for us.) We then headed to my aunt and uncle's house in Florida.

Sunday: We woke up and headed to Tampa to watch the Devil Rays baseball game, then we headed to Lido Key Beach for some rest and relaxation. By the time we made it to the beach it was late afternoon, so we took some quick pictures before cleaning up for dinner.

Monday: We spent the day at the beach. Eli LOVED to eat the sand and rubbed his eyes constantly. Between the sunscreen, salt water and sand they were pretty swollen. The beach was the perfect charm for putting Eli to sleep. As soon as he got in the ocean or even near it, he was out! We cleaned up for a nice dinner and ice cream. After Eli fell asleep Eric and snuggled up and watched a movie on the laptop which was very romantic for a couple who has to go to bed at nine on a normal day.

Tuesday: We slept in, packed up, drove around the island enjoyed some time seeing the sights before heading back to my aunt and uncle's house. Once we got there we swam, drove on the golf cart, saw some alligators, and relaxed before bed.

Wednesday: We pretty much stayed at the pool all day before heading out to dinner with the family.

Thursday: We spent the morning at the pool before showering and heading to Disney. We didn't want to spend $180 to get into the park since Eli would never remember it, so instead we went to Downtown Disney and ate at Wolf Gang Pucks.

Friday: We left early in the morning and drove to Atlanta where we cheered on the Braves. After the game we headed to Chattanooga for the night.

Saturday: We left Tennessee early in the morning so we could make it back home with the rental car before our deadline. We spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting ready for our July 4th celebrations which is another post coming soon....

We had an amazing time with our little man and will always cherish the memories from our first family vacation!

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