Monday, July 26, 2010

In Hind Sight

I know I have yet to complete the list of blog subjects from last week, but first I have to document my disastrous weekend...

This past weekend a million and one things went wrong. At the time they were very frustrating situations, but in hind sight I can laugh.

As any busy mother will tell you, it is a very dangerous situation when you are trying to fight a baby while holding the diaper-bag, keys, sippy cup, and pacifier. Add a camera and I-phone to the equation and it only gets worse. You can see where this is going.

After finally getting Eli situated in the car on Friday evening, I was hot, sweaty mess and ready to get in myself. Only I forgot my cell phone and camera on top of the hood. About a half mile down the road something falls off of the car. It's the phone. We back track and discover the cameras still in the drive over! By the grace of God both still work!

Fast forward to Saturday. We load up the trusty old Mazda and drive to Birmingham, Alabama to buy a van we've been looking at. Only we when get there, the vehicle has some major problems. We opt not to buy. Disappointed, stressed, and very dramatically I fight Eli once again as we load in the car. Only, you guessed it, I left my phone on the hood. After fifteen minutes of searching along a four lane highway two states from home, we leave empty handed. No van, no phone.

I really overreacted and was quite unkind to Eric not only that night but all the way back to Kentucky. (Sorry!) Anyhow, we'll survive! It's kind of hind sight!

No pictures to document this saga. Only one picture of Eli to cheer me up....

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