Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eli's First Birthday Party

This post is LONG, LONG overdue. However, here is a look at Eli's first birthday party...as you can see, we had a Yo Gabba Gabba theme:

Eli wore a special outfit and loved his Brobee birthday hat!

After all the guests arrived it was time for Eli to eat his cake. Here are some pictures of how things progressed...

Since Eli needed a bath after the cake episode, we decided that swimming was a good idea! I hate that these pictures are of him in a diaper and not one of him in some of his cute swimming trunks, but it was his day, and he hates wearing the things. In any case, he and Owen had an awesome time!

After a little swimming it was time for presents!!

At the end of the day Eric and I were exhausted, but a certain little almost one year old was hyper thanks to too much cake. Ha! It breaks my heart to think of how quickly time flies, but I am excited about all the fun times we will share with our boy. Thank you to our friends and family who helped us celebrate Eli's First Birthday Party!

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