Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, it should be Wordless Wednesday for me. I had intended to post pictures of Eli's first birthday and his party. However, I have a much more pressing issue and I need your help.

We haven't been sleeping well at my house. In fact, I feel like we haven't been sleeping at all! You see, we have a one year old who never sleeps. Just last night we had a go-a-round that ended with me sitting OUTSIDE on the front porch in the middle of the night wearing my robe and listening to my i-pod!

You may think I'm crazy, and that's ok because I AM...thanks to sleep deprivation!

This is how is goes: Eli slept like a gem from ten weeks on. In fact, after a bath and nighttime feeding I would lay him in his crib and he would sooth himself to sleep. Fast forward to Christmas when we get Thrush. Sleeping through the night comes to an end thanks to the illness. It takes two weeks of sleep training and we are back in the swing of things.

In March, Eli got his first ear infection and things have gone south ever since. From April 17th until May 11th Eli didn't sleep through the night...not a single time. So, we sleep train AGAIN which ended in two hours of non-stop crying from 1 to 3 am, but a few weeks of rest for Momma!

Since March we have been to the doctor at least once a month for an ear infection and each time we stop sleeping. You take one week of illness plus one week of sleep training...that equals two weeks of no sleep.

Here we are one year after his birth and we're more exhausted than we were the first few weeks he was home...did I mention that I'm going (gone) crazy?

We go to the doctor tomorrow to talk about tubes, but who knows where that will lead. In the meantime, do you have any suggestions?

Please note that we have a daily schedule we live by and a VERY strict bedtime routine. Eli still soothes himself to sleep, but can't seem to do much beyond that. We are not in a growth spurt, and he consumes more than enough calories in a day. (I know this because I have called, on more than one occasion, a dear friend of mine who is a dietitian.) He is teething, but is given Tylenol before bed each night to help with the pain. Plus, teething has never cause sleep issues in the past. I am not opposed to letting him cry it out since that is part of the sleep training that has brought us success in the past. We are against co-sleeping, but other than that...I'll try anything...HELP!


  1. You probably don't even remember me. (I met you at the hospital when Sarah Steele was having Asher.) Anyway, when I was reading this I thought, "He needs tubes!". I think that tubes may relieve any pressure or pain that he may have lingering from all those ear infections. I'd say wait until you get them and keep trying. I have a baby who doesn't love to sleep either, and it's rough. Good luck and keep us "posted".

  2. Ashley, I remember you well because you talked about your babies upcoming birthday and I was sad for you that it was so close! Anyhow, thanks for the advice. We just found out that we are fluid free which I suspected since he was sleeping again...Praise The Lord!