Friday, August 27, 2010

Hot Rods Game

Tonight Eric, Eli, and I headed to the last Friday night Hot Rods game of 2010. I think we made it to four this year which is a major feat with an energetic one year old. Anyhow, prior to the game we met up with The Adkins family to do a little eating at Moe's. We then headed to the ball park to catch some action.

It was a beautiful night for baseball, but by the 6th inning Eli was getting cranky which brings me to my prayer request. We have another ear infection. Double ear infections, in fact. We meet with the ENT next week. Please pray for us as we start the process of getting tubes.

All in all, it was wonderful way to enjoy the Hot Rods Games


  1. Sorry to hear about the ear infections, hope we didn't jinx your luck :/ I hope your meeting with the doctor goes well and you guys get it figured all out!!!

  2. Thanks Kayla! I think we caught this one early, so we are treat it more quickly. I hope we get an answer soon.