Monday, August 16, 2010

Motivation Monday

Last week was a very tough week for me because Eli wasn't sleeping well. I was lucky to get my housework done much less workout. The good news is that I did get some physical activity in every single day. The bad news is that I didn't stick to the program. I am happy and proud that I stuck it out even in the face of shear exhaustion! Because I am training my body to run again, I will need to accomplish each milestone before moving to the next. For that reason, I will repeat week two!

Monday: Run 2min/walk 2 min (5X)

Tuesday: Weights & Abs

Wednesday: Run 3/Walk 2 min (5x)

Thursday: Weight & Abs

Friday: Run 2min/Walk 2 min (4x)

I'll keep you posted...

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