Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mommy / Son Day

Eli and I spent today celebrating our relationship as mother and son. First we had a pajama party this morning complete with homemade cinnamon toast.

After breakfast we headed to my friend Ashley's yard sell to help her daughter Emma with their Chuck-E'Cheese fundraiser, a Lemon-Aid Stand. Anything for a good cause, right? We then headed to view this year's St. Jude Dream home before heading to lunch at Chick-fil-A.

This is a weekly stop for us because it's Eli's favorite place to eat. We know this because it is the only place where he doesn't throw his food on the ground. Anyhow, Tina, Owen, Jill, and Mason joined us at this point.

We continued our little outing by stopping my Kiddos, a local consignment shop where I bought bows! Don't worry, they weren't for us. Eric's cousin is having a little girl in a few weeks.

From there we went to WKU Football's Family Fun Day. In theory the event was awesome, but in reality it was too darn hot to be fighting a one year old with double ear infections. This is a look at how much of the afternoon went.

I sometimes wonder why I bother with outings because I am always exhausted upon returning, but it's not about me. It is about making memories and enjoying every opportunity to celebrate a Mommy / Son Day.

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