Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivation Monday

I thought I would update the blogging world on my new journey. Before I begin, please let me say that I don't have poor self esteem, and I'm not being too hard on myself. I'm simply setting a goal that will hopefully making me a healthier mommy for Eli.

Before becoming a momma, I was in shape. I ran twenty miles a week, did 600 crunches (in several variations) a day, and lifted weights three times a week. I was thin, but to me it wasn't about my weight. I enjoyed being healthy. I enjoyed watching what I put into my body. I enjoyed the challenge of working out, and I enjoyed what it did to my body.

Prior to my wedding I had surgery and was unable to exercise. Couple that with a not too wonderful working situation and you add 40lbs to my 5'3" frame...not good. Add pregnancy, sleep deprivation and a new job to the mix, and it only gets worse.

After having Eli I was unhappy with my body, but it was all about what the scale read. So, a few months ago I decided to stop worrying about the weight and once again enjoy exercise. And you know what? I do. Sometimes its a simple walk, sometimes it's a run, sometimes a swim. Whatever it is, I do it because I want to be active, not because I want to lose weight...which is a good thing because I haven't.

So, now I'm ready to run again. Secretly, (although not so much now) my goal is to lose 20lbs before my anniversary. However, instead of focusing on the number, I'm going to focus on running. I love running, so why not start again?

Every Monday I will update you on my status for the previous week. Not that you care, but it's motivation for me.

Week One: Square One

Monday: Run 2 Min/ Walk 2 Min (4x)

Wednesday: Run 2 Min/ Walk 2 Min (4x)

Friday: Run 2 Min/ Walk 2 Min (4x)

Wish me luck....