Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cherish The Moment

Cherish the Moment

Read my book, rub my back; Daddy listen to my prayer
Let me sit in your lap, Daddy fly me through the air.
Throw a ball, make a snack; Can we go to the park?
Tuck me in, hold me close; I don’t like the dark

Cherish the Moment; Soon you’ll be apart. Cling to the memory; Clasp it to your heart. Soon comes the day when you’ll have no child to hold, So cherish, cherish the moment.

Sing a song, play a game; Swing me high in the air
Ride a bike, fly a kite; How I love the times we share
Hold my hand, hug my neck; Daddy bounce me on your knee.
Come and sit by my bed; Daddy rock me to sleep.

Think ahead to a time, When your little ones are grown;
Hold them tight, don’t lose sight of the blessings you have known.
Think ahead to a time when your little boy’s a man
And you’d give anything just to hold him again.

I cam across this on a blog earlier today and it hit me hard. My situation with Eli may be less than desirable and nearly unbearable at times, but it's part of the journey. It's part of my story and my time with him. And I will Cherish the Moment.


  1. Praying for you and for your precious blessing, Eli!!

  2. Lindsey, thank you so much for your prayers. Things are starting to look up around here. We will be in prayer for you, Daniel, Audrey Ann and her birth mother. You are going to be an amazing momma!