Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Or That

Eric and I are in the market for a new vehicle. We're still driving our college cars: My Mazada Protege and Eric's Ford Focus. We are blessed that they are paid for and still run quite well, excellent actually! In any case we need a new ride. When we travel it's the car seat, a stroller a pack n' play and three full size suitecases...way TOO much stuff for a compact car! So we have narrowed the playing field down to two SUV and a Mini Van.

You may ask we we have choosen a Dodge and Kia. It's simple, we are doing this Dave Ramsey style...that's right...CASH!! That really limits our budget, but we feel blessed to be able to have this as an option. (We got a hefty tax incentive when we bought our house and have been able to build a shop for Eric, buy a mower, and save for a car. WE ARE SO BLESSED, not well off...BLESSED!!)

Anyhow, a van is practicle, but an SUV is a little more savvy, so I ask your opinion: This or That??


  1. I have to admit that I loved my dodge avenger that I had so I am sure that you cannot go wrong with the Journey (I believe that is the name of that SUV?) Good luck in making your decision.

    I think that you are my area and if you check with Allen's Auto Sale in Allen County he always has REALLY wonderful deal on vehicles. I have purchased my last two from him (08 Dodge Avenger and 09 Saturn Vue)