Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anniversary Weekend: Day One

Eric and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary on Monday. Before we got married, we decided to make a point to get away every year to invest in our marriage and honor the special day. Little did we know that we would have a six week old one year later. We stood firm and went to Atlanta anyway.
This year we looked at a lot of options but finally decided to go camping instead. I know ya'll are thinking we're crazy, but it's something we really enjoy and can't do with a baby. Thursday after work we met Eric's parents who are watching Eli while we celebrate. We then ate a quick dinner, loaded the car and headed to campground at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Friday morning we woke up and went to Mammoth Cave Adventures. I had done a story on them last week and had so much fun that I wanted to take Eric back. First we went Zip Lining.

Then we canoed the Green River. We thought we would be going three miles but it ended up being seven!

By this point we were pretty exhausted, so we went back to our campsite to cook, rest and gear up for day two's hiking trip.

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  1. Love it!!! I love to go campin with the hubbs!!! We love the outdoors!