Thursday, October 28, 2010

End Of An Era

The leaves are changing and weather is becoming much cooler which means our outdoor time is quickly drawing to an end. It's the end of an era in many ways because I know that Eli will never be exactly like this again. There will be new seasons and another fall, but it will never be like this one. Never again will my baby boy be one, never again will be play with a leaf for the first time, or need me to hold his hand on a slide. Never again will he be just the way he is right now in this moment.
This reality breaks my heart but also inspires me to enjoy each moment, and that is EXACTLY what we did today, my boy and me. We went to the park and played. We watched the leaves, we threw mulch, we played catch the baby and we went down the slides again, and again. It was a perfect way spend my afternoon and remember this sweet, sweet season!!

Total Cost...$0....Priceless Memories!!

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  1. Hi Morgan! It has taken me FOREVER to come visit your blog but I have meant to ever since you left me such a sweet comment last week! It is so nice to "meet" you and I love how much we have in common! I am excited to start following your blog and becoming better "blog friends!"
    This post makes my heart melt and describes perfectly how I feel about my kiddos growing up---it's so bittersweet. I try to live each day, each moment, and just soak it all up!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend!